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Andre Jean Thuillier produced Bebes in the 1880s. A.T. dolls are among the most desired dolls. Thuiller dolls are made of fine bisque and are usually well painted. A few later Thuiller dolls have two rows of tiny teeth. Bisque is not as good on late dolls, and painting is a little sloppy. Early A.T.s are the ones collectors desire of antique dolls..

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Thuiller dolls were produced by the older method of pressing porcelain in the mold. All the A.T. dolls have finely applied ears, and ears are pierced through the lobe.

Some faces A.T.s have more detail in the modeling than others because the molds wore down. They appear to have been originally modeled by the same artist.

The finest A.T. dolls seem to have

  • white-leather, gusseted bodies similar to early Bru bodies.
  • The leather is pinked (pointed cut into it like pinking shears) around the shoulder plate.
  • Feet are leather, with sewn in toes.

On leather bodies, three different bisque hands are found. All hands were attached by inserting the lower arm into the leather at the midway point of the forearm. The loveliest hands are found on the A7T. Hands have separate fingers and tinted cuticles. You can compare these to our Jumeau dolls that we make.

A.T.s were made in a range of sizes. No. 2 at 12-1/2 inches to the No. 15 at 32 inches. Lindolleys makes antique reproduction dolls including Bru dolls and also Steiner dolls that Lindolley specializes in.



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