Lindolleys Antique Dolls Reproductions

A. Thuiller Family

24 inch A.T. 12

  • 24" on a composition body with A.T. lower arms
  • Dress is iridescent silk taffeta with 3 ruffles around bottom hem.  Bodice is lined and closed with metal shank buttons and crocheted buttonloops.  Polonaise is forest green and cornflower blue silk brocade.  False vest is silk shantung attached to the jacket.
  • Hat has silk brocade crown with wired brim of silk taffeta.  Trim is metallic embroidered netting, metallic roses, velvet leaves and silk velvet ribbon.
  • Silk brocade purse has working clasp and trimmed with handsewn gold & green beads
  • Leather boots are dyed to match.  Silk ribbon laces up center on antique brass decorative hooks.  Socks are made from silk stockings.
  • Undergarments include chemise, petticoat &  pantaloons of Swiss batiste.  Trim of handmade featherstitching and cotton tatting.  A crinoline bustle lies under the dress.
  • Mohair wig by Wendy Feidt.  Paperweight eyes are Hand Glass Craft.  Marble and brass Lindolleys stand included.
Layaway available.

Price $1675

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A. T. 9

  • 17 inch


Price $795

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A. T. Silver

  • 11 inch on composition body

  • Swiss cotton underwear with tucks and maline lace.

  • Mohair wig by Karin Buttigieg. Hand Glass Craft Eyes.

  • Burgundy leather shoes, crocheted socks and burgundy crocheted purse.

  • Dropped waist costume is silk brocade and stripes. Center insert is silk taffeta. Large sash and bow are two toned silk satin. 

  • Hat is silk velvet trimmed with pleated silk stripes, embroidered cotton lace and tied with antique hat netting.


Price $475

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23 inch A.T. 12 on Leather Body

  • Porcelain hands, feet and shoulder plate
  • Hand Glass Craft Paperweight Eyes
  • Ash Brown Mohair Wig
  • Silk Faille and Silk Shantung Ensemble. 
  • Hand beaded with glass beads and Swarovski crystals.
  • Cotton cording dyed to match and applied by hand. 
  • Silk velvet trim with Metallic silver lace

  • Chemise, petticoat and drawers are cotton lawn with organdy embroidered lace.
  • Also have hand done feather stitching.
  • Dyed to match crocheted socks.
  • Grey leather shoes with Lindolleys stamp on soles.
  • Purse is knitted with cotton yarn and glass beads with working metal handle and latch.
  • Includes engraved marble stand


Price $1695

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A.T. 12

  • 22” – jointed leather body with porcelain arms, shoulder plate and lower legs
  • costume – silk jacquard, silk velvet and silk satin
  • beaded knitted purse
  • leather and suede boots

Price $1495

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