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Lovers and collectors of old dolls have always existed, but since old dolls have started to be viewed as real antiques, doll collecting has become a recognized and fascinating hobby worldwide. Thus, the interest in information about the dolls and their producers has grown, as well as the need for excellent colored photographs, which can help in identification as well as show the beauty of these dolls.

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Antique Dolls

Some of the most important data can be found in old catalogs and leaflets. For example, original clothing can be identified and the doll’s date of production can be determined. However, it is very difficult and in some cases, nearly impossible to locate old documents dating prior to 1900. Features of the old antique dolls are sometimes unrecognizable because either the photograph is to small or there is only a hand drawn sketch. Therefore, frequently reprints or originals of old catalogs do not offer enough criteria the collector of today requires.

Fortunately, there are still a large number of the old dolls available and even though they cannot speak, they are still able to tell us a lot about themselves. For example, the marking on the back of the neck or on the breastplate gives important information about the producer. Should the marking not be available, since dolls were seldom completely marked before 1890, then certain features on the head or body can convey information.

Up until the early 1980s, French dolls with closed mouths were considered to be the most desirable antique dolls, but now many of the top German models are included.

Dolls from France were always famous worldwide – especially known for their luxurious clothing. Dolls from Bru dolls including the Jumeau dolls and also including the Steiner dolls and Gaultier have always enraptured collectors, whether it was

  • play

  • automata

  • fashion dolls

and the Thuiller dolls. Now the interest has turned more and more towards the German dolls, of which there are a large number of different types. In the last few years the very expressive character dolls have found great attention. Many beautiful German dolls, however, which were produced between 1870 and 1890, have attracted little attention. LIndolleys makes antique reproduction dolls.



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