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Reproduction of Antique Dolls requires a great deal of study and practice. One of the best methods of learning about the dolls is to examine them in museums or personal collections. One must also study materials and sewing techniques available at the time the original was made to make antique reproduction dolls.

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The painting and coloring of the face should be an exact and faithful copy. The wig must be made of either mohair or human hair. And whether it was made or purchased, it must be styled and groomed to make antique reproduction dolls. The costume should be fresh with new materials that are pressed and perfect. The materials are only natural – silks, cottons, linens or wool – as was used when the antique was made when making Bru dolls or Thuiller dolls or other dolls.

The underclothing consists of the same garments as the antique doll would have worn, such as

  • chemise

  • drawers

  • one or two petticoats

  • and perhaps a corset.

All underclothing was made from white cotton or linen with the exception of the often found flannel petticoat. The petticoats and drawers were held up by drawstrings or gathered on a band and buttoned. The older dolls wore split drawers. Some chemises were long, others came just below the hips. Some had buttons and buttonholes on the shoulder, and some just had big neck holes to make antique reproduction dolls such as Steiner dolls and including Jumeau dolls.

The dress length on the children dolls was just to the bottom of the ball in the knee joint.

The children dolls wore socks. Some wore hats or bonnets and some did not. Most shoes and boots were leather.

The body will be composition if the antique doll had a composition body, leather if the antique was leather. Bisque bodies are only used on small dolls. French style bodies are used on French dolls and German ball-jointed bodies are used on German reproductions.




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