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Jules Nicholas Steiner produced dolls from 1870 to 1901 in Paris.

Dolls with variations of the Motschmann-type bodies were made by Steiner Dolls on mechanical bodies, and the kicking or temper-tantrum-throwing doll were the most plentiful. Steiner made wire-eyed antique dolls with plump faces and Jumeau-type dolls on a different type of composition body.

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Steiner Dolls

There were several series and figures of Steiner dolls molds. The

  • A-series and

  • C-series

are the dolls we find most often today. These Steiner dolls are found with wire eyes and the name Bourgoin often stamped in red behind the ear. You can compare these to the Bru dolls and even the Thuiller dolls that Lindolleys makes

Shortly after Steiner’s death in 1891, records claimed Steiner had over 30 patents for mechanized dolls, changing eye movements, talking mechanisms and combinations of movements for dolls.

It is unclear as to the exact date Amedee Lafosse took over the Steiner factory. Later she was followed in the Steiner Company by a man named Lambert, who owned the Henri Alexandre Doll Company. From 1899 to 1901, Jules Mettais was the director of the Steiner company. Mettais also purchased the May Brothers doll business. In 1906, Edmond Daspres took over what was originally the Steiner Company.

Steiner dolls and their variations were very creative. Almost any rare thing that comes up in dolls might be attributed to Steiner. LIndolleys make antique reproduction dolls including the Jumeau dolls line.



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