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The Jumeau Company began making dolls in Paris in 1842 and continued until 1938. There is not as much variation among Jumeau dolls as there was with other doll makers, but almost all Jumeaus are beautiful.

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Jumeau Dolls

Premier (very early) unmarked Bebes, or Portrait dolls, including the Long-Faced Jumeau dolls, are the oldest Jumeaus. These have exceptionally fine eyes, and some eyes are threaded. You can compare these to our Bru dolls and even our Thuiller dolls that we make.

The Incised Jumeau dolls, incised Depose Jumeau, or a rare doll with Jumeau in a frame, are the second-oldest antique dolls. They are light bisque but often have eye holes cut of different sizes and poorly fitted paperweight eyes.

Dolls marked E.J. with the size number are the third oldest. These dolls always seem to be high quality, with good eyes and wigs.

Dolls stamped in red with Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG on the back of the neck are the next group. Last group are stamped in red with Tete Jumeau and are often found with open mouth and teeth.

Early bodies of Jumeau dolls had

  • eight ball joints

  • straight wrists

  • These bodies were usually stamped in blue.

The next body made by Jumeau had four ball-joints and straight wrists. Later, a joint was added to the wrist to give more articulation and movement, and all the balls at joints were fastened to arms or legs. You can compare these to our Steiner dolls that we make,

Mlle. Delphine Floss is credited with creating some of the molds for Jumeau. The majority though are credited to Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, the sculptor of the Long-Faced Jumeau.

Jumeau is credited with many inventions and novelty dolls, including walking, talking and eye movements. Lindolleys makes antique reproduction dolls.



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